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  1. Lentil Soup

    Lentil Soup

    Most people associate pasta sauce only with pasta. Some of the finest European dishes call for a gourmet sauce as a base of flavor for their recipe. My children go wild for grandma’s homemade lentils; the base of the lentil soup is our AnticoPomodoro!

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  2. Linguine with Shrimp

    Linguine with Shrimp

    This recipe can satisfy a number of meal occasions. It is reasonably quick and easy and can be prepared for a weeknight dinner after work. However, the flavor and presentation make it great for casual entertaining or romantic evenings.  Using Bavaro’sArrabbiata adds a touch of heat that compliments the flavors!

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  3. Chicken Parm

    Chicken Parm

    Chicken parmesan is one dish that every busy cook should have in his or her repertoire. Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Bavaro’sPomodoro come together in this timeless classic over a breaded chicken breast. Once you have prepared this recipe once, it will become a staple in meal planning! Kids and adults can agree on the deliciousness of this meal. Learn More